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Eaton Launches New Platform Targeting Construction Digitalization, Addressing Massive Opportunity Across Project Delivery

The Eaton Project Center digital platform takes aim at improving the accuracy and efficiency of construction projects for customers, electrical distributors, contractors and consultants.

“Eaton Project Center vastly improves day-to-day construction management through real-time collaboration tools, a dashboard view and alerts that help ensure everyone on a project is on the same page,” said Steve Crocker, senior vice president and general manager for US Construction at Wesco Anixter. “Now, we can bring engineers directly into the approval process and allow contractors to coordinate schedules that work for them the first time – so everyone spends less time waiting and more time driving critical projects forward.”

The Eaton Project Center digital platform provides a central location to keep project priorities front and center, integrating the processes and digital technologies through every aspect of project delivery, improving daily interactions and providing easy access to real-time data.

“By simplifying and digitalizing highly complex construction projects, we’re able to compress project timelines, make it easier to keep people informed of changing project details and reduce errors,” Joanne McHugh, vice president, construction digitalization and commercial support at Eaton. “Our vision is to digitalize construction projects to realize massive productivity and experiential improvements that are essential to keep projects on budget and schedule. This becomes increasingly critical as the industry supports new infrastructure projects, energy systems increase in complexity and supply chain disruptions impact project delivery.”

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