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Forecasters are predicting that the IT world will experience increased cloudiness for some time. Customers are demanding a new way of procuring and consuming IT solutions. Gartner has released its CLOUD computing outlook for 2014 and forecasts another year of solid growth, with 53% of businesses allocating portions of their IT budget to the CLOUD. Long-range forecasts predict strong growth through 2020, up to $500 billion.

There are also signs that both vendors and distributors are beginning to get their act together in cloud computing, with more than 60% predicting double-digit growth in this area over the next 12 months.

IBM plans to make $1 billion in financing available to small and medium-sized businesses globally over the next year, to buy its new technologies for analytics and cloud systems. Revenue from its profitable global financing division reached $2.3 billion last year. Others, such as CISCO, also offer financing to customers buying direct or through channels. BD EN will be there to support resellers in their journey to the cloud, right from the beginning.

At the moment, BD EN is already addressing a large portion of CLOUD in its general portfolio. For now, BD EN is concentrating on growing the computing, networking, storage and backup sectors of its business, as well as delivering value-added services to the reseller community. However, the distributor also has plans to expand its portfolio and address the remaining areas of CLOUD applications. BD EN is striving to ensure that its channel partners are influencing the market and driving positive change for their customers by offering best-in-class technology solutions for cloud services.

BD EN is helping channel partners to shape and refine their cloud services strategies, as well as generating new ideas and adopting proven business practices that will optimize sales performance and profitability potential.

BD EN’s mission is to connect end-customer demand for alternative IT computing and consumption together with the most robust IT vendor solutions that are selling today, to ensure that our VARs can profit from this transformational shift occurring in our industry.

BD EN’s partners most affected are likely to be that group of mid-sized resellers and specialists who may have previously described themselves as infrastructure specialists. BD EN is seeing a rise in their market share, even though the rate of consolidation is high. There are services we can provide to the end user, but always in partnership with the VARs - for education or other expertise.

BD EN will help its partners tap into the opportunity and stay ahead of the competition.