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CONTEG Introduces New Cooling Unit CoolTeg Plus Dual Fluid


CoolTeg Plus DF is an in-row air-conditioning unit based on an innovative principle of dual-fluid cooling that combines water-based and direct expansion cooling. The unit contains a unique and highly efficient heat exchanger that enables the use of free cooling. The most important functional elements of the system are integrated in the indoor unit. Heat is conducted out of the data center by a hydraulic circuit. This circuit is connected to two branches inside the unit — to a water/air heat exchanger and to a water-cooled condenser. The water/air heat exchanger is used primarily during winter, when outdoor temperatures are low, while the water-cooled condenser is used mainly in summer months when the direct expansion circuit needs to be active. The unit can run in three different modes—free cooling mode, direct expansion (evaporative), and mixed (hybrid) mode, where both branches of the unit, water cooling, and direct expansion, work in tandem.

CoolTeg Plus DF40 — this unique cooling unit, with a width of only 40 cm and a maximum cooling capacity of up to 24.5 kW, can be connected to a hydraulic circuit (water-glycol) containing a pump and an outdoor dry cooler. The design offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of the arrangement, ways to save on purchasing expenses, or increase the redundancy of a data center's cooling system: you can use just a single or multiple cooling units connected to the same hydraulic circuit, you can connect one group of units to one hydraulic circuit and another to a second circuit, or you can connect all the units (or groups of units) together to any number of hydraulic circuits as you choose.

Compared to purely water-cooled systems (CW units) using chillers, the CoolTeg Plus DF system offers major advantages in terms of redundancy at the level of the indoor unit.

Thanks to an exceptional range of options in the connection of units and hydraulic circuits, the CoolTeg Plus DF unit is suitable for data centers of all sizes.

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