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Honeywell Joins City Possible Network Pioneered By Mastercard To Create Citizen-Focused Experiences That Drive Sustainable Innovation For Cities

Honeywell announced it is joining City Possible, the ecosystem pioneered by Mastercard that brings cities, companies and communities together to identify common challenges and develop solutions that advance inclusive and sustainable urban development. Honeywell’s participation will allow City Possible communities to more easily work with Honeywell City Suite, an artificial intelligence-enabled platform, to promote sustainable urban development, enhance citizen mobility, and create safer, more resilient communities.

The announcement builds on Mastercard and Honeywell's work with Egypt's New Administrative Capital, where the Honeywell City Suite and Mastercard's electronic payment solutions will make the New Administrative Capital the first integrated smart city and first cashless city in Egypt. Honeywell City Suite aggregates information from different verticals across the New Administrative Capital including utilities, traffic, environment, parking, emergency services, safety, and security into a single, unified digital platform and Mastercard facilitates electronic payments.

“Cities around the world are evaluating how to enhance the resident experience by improving access to city services," said Miguel Gamiño, executive vice president, Enterprise Partnerships and Head of Global Cities and City Possible at Mastercard. "By engaging with companies like Honeywell, we can expand the range of solutions we provide to the City Possible network and ensure a safe and inclusive digital economy.”

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