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Eaton advances grid-interactive data centers to support grid decarbonization and improve system stability in collaboration with Microsoft

Eaton announced that it is working with Microsoft to identify ways for data centers to monetize existing assets and integrate more renewable energy sources to help create a more sustainable and stable grid.

Eaton and Microsoft demonstrate how data centers using energy storage capabilities in uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), like Eaton’s EnergyAware UPS, have a unique opportunity to support grid stabilization efforts by storing energy and providing energy services back to the grid. This opportunity represents a key component in Eaton’s Everything as a Grid approach as the company works to help unlock a low-carbon energy future.

“Data centers have a tremendous opportunity to leverage their UPS assets to help alleviate grid complexities and challenges while creating new revenue opportunities to offset their own energy use. The opportunities will have significant implications for both data center operators as well as the future of the energy grid,” said Janne Paananensaid, technology manager, Critical Power Systems at Eaton.

Ehsan Nasr, senior engineer, Data Center Advanced Development at Microsoft, commented: “Data centers are at the heart of our digital economy and have the ability to provide a readily available, better means to support the grid. This support helps enable electrical grids to reach higher levels of renewable energy. Once stored energy in data center systems is leveraged to provide flexibility and optimization services, it becomes an asset with an increased value, so it’s a triple win, for the grid operator, data center operator and the environment.”

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