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Radware Introduces API Protection to Detect and Defend Against Sophisticated Malicious Bots

Radware has enhanced its application security solutions to include protection for mission critical APIs from the growing threat of sophisticated, automated bot attacks. Radware’s Bot Manager now offers comprehensive protection for the full-stack of APIs, including IoT, machine-to-machine, web, mobile, and serverless interfaces.

According to Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls, "By 2021, 90% of web-enabled applications will have more surface area for attack in the form of exposed APIs rather than the UI, which is a major increase from 40% in 2019." Per Radware’s research, 81% of organizations have reported attacks against their APIs and 75% reported suffering bot attacks in 2019. Additionally, bot attacks on APIs have grown 50% in the first half of 2020 compared to 2019. APIs are prone to access violations, bots and abuse, resulting in mass data losses, stolen private information and service disruption.

“The growing use of APIs across all facets of business also brings with it a significant increase in the attack surface,” said Gabi Malka, Chief Operating Officer for Radware. “But the typical method and tools for detecting attacks aren’t always built to defend APIs. Radware’s Bot Manager solves a challenging and complex problem with machine learning algorithms that identify anomalous behavior mobile and web-based API calls/traffic.”

Radware’s Bot Manager solution leverages deep learning to provide advanced API protection from automated threats and helps:

- Protect sensitive data from leaking as a result of bot attacks such as ATO or web-scraping;

- Minimize financial impact of bot attacks on monetization APIs;

- Reduce API consumption and utilization costs;

- Visibility into violations and exploitations of bots targeting APIs with intent-based analytics.

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